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    Cannot access web pages deployed on WildFly-8.2.1-Final server on Linux from Windows browser

    carl zhang Newbie



      1. I install wildfly-8.2.1-Final on our Linux machine. The home folder is /opt/wildfly-8.2.1-Final

      2. I can start 'http://[host ip]:8080/' and 'http://[host ip]:9990/console/App.html#home" from my windows machine's browser after I start server from linux, or from my Eclipse (remote server)

      3. I deployed my project on to /opt/wildfly-8.2.1-Final/standalone/deployments/e-services.war  (e-services is my project name). Deployment is fine

          the file /opt/wildfly-8.2.1-Final/standalone/deployments/e-services.war/views/home.xhtml is there

      4. I set <welcome-file>views/home.xhtml</welcome-file> in my web.xml

      5. In standalone.sh, the <socket-binding name="http" port="${jboss-port:8080}"/>

      6. I start "http://[host ip]:8080/e-services", or "http://[host ip]:8080/views/home.xhtml" from my windows machine browser. It says HTTP 404 error


      Coudl anyone tell me what is wrong? Any settings I missing?