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    Fairly large Puppet module for JBoss AS, EAP and Wildfly recently published by COI.gov.pl

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      I am pleased to announce that we, Center for Information Technology in Poland, has recently published a fairly large module to install and manage JBoss AS, EAP and Wildfly using Puppet. We have been using it for last two years for quite a large deployments, and now it is publicly available as open-source on coi-gov-pl/puppet-jboss · GitHub and coi/jboss · Puppet Forge.


      The module allows user to perform all necessary operations for JBoss servers. Here are couple of features:


      • Installation and upgrading of application servers in domain and standalone modes,
      • support for JBoss AS, EAP, and WildFly,
      • support for the Red Hat and Debian operating systems families,
      • installation of internal JBoss modules and their generation from a set of libraries,
      • configuration in a domain configuration mode (including the creation of virtual servers and groups of servers) and also standalone mode,
      • JBoss user management,
      • management of JBoss network interfaces,
      • JPA datasource management, security domains, JMS queues, resource adapters and system logging
      • deployment and removing of artifacts


      In addition to the above list, you can also configure any JBoss CLI reachable configuration, with the entire set of parameters. This allows you to configure any parameter supported by JBoss.


      Take a look. I will be happy to receive your feedback.