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    Radek Koubský Newbie


      I am getting VerifyError after running bmsubmit.


      Byteman 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT


      source code: https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/blob/8.x/ejb3/src/main/java/org/jboss/as/ejb3/component/stateful/StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor.java



          public Object processInvocation(final InterceptorContext context) throws Exception {
              final StatefulSessionComponent component = getComponent(context, StatefulSessionComponent.class);
              final StatefulSessionComponentInstance instance = getComponentInstance(context);
              final OwnableReentrantLock lock = instance.getLock();
              final Object threadLock = instance.getThreadLock();
              final TransactionSynchronizationRegistry transactionSynchronizationRegistry = component.getTransactionSynchronizationRegistry();
              final Object lockOwner = getLockOwner(transactionSynchronizationRegistry);
              try {
                  final AccessTimeoutDetails timeout = component.getAccessTimeout(context.getMethod());
                  if (ROOT_LOGGER.isTraceEnabled()) {
                      ROOT_LOGGER.trace("Trying to acquire lock: " + lock + " for stateful component instance: " + instance + " during invocation: " + context);
                  // we obtain a lock in this synchronization interceptor because the lock needs to be tied to the synchronization
                  // so that it can released on the tx synchronization callbacks
                  boolean acquired = lock.tryLock(timeout.getValue(), timeout.getTimeUnit());
                  if (!acquired) {
                      throw MESSAGES.failToObtainLock(context, timeout.getValue(), timeout.getTimeUnit());
                  synchronized (threadLock) {
                      if (ROOT_LOGGER.isTraceEnabled()) {
                          ROOT_LOGGER.trace("Acquired lock: " + lock + " for stateful component instance: " + instance + " during invocation: " + context);
                      Object currentTransactionKey = null;
                      boolean wasTxSyncRegistered = false;
                      try {
                          //we never register a sync for bean managed transactions
                          //the inner BMT interceptor is going to setup the correct transaction anyway
                          //so enrolling in an existing transaction is not correct
                          if(containerManagedTransactions) {
                              if (!instance.isSynchronizationRegistered()) {
                                  // get the key to current transaction associated with this thread
                                  currentTransactionKey = transactionSynchronizationRegistry.getTransactionKey();
                                  final int status = transactionSynchronizationRegistry.getTransactionStatus();
                                  // if this SFSB instance is already associated with a different transaction, then it's an error
                                  // if the thread is currently associated with a tx, then register a tx synchronization
                                  if (currentTransactionKey != null && status != Status.STATUS_COMMITTED && status != Status.STATUS_ROLLEDBACK) {
                                      // register a tx synchronization for this SFSB instance
                                      final Synchronization statefulSessionSync = new StatefulSessionSynchronization(instance, lockOwner);
                                      wasTxSyncRegistered = true;
                                      if (ROOT_LOGGER.isTraceEnabled()) {
                                          ROOT_LOGGER.trace("Registered tx synchronization: " + statefulSessionSync + " for tx: " + currentTransactionKey +
                                                  " associated with stateful component instance: " + instance);
                                      // invoke the afterBegin callback on the SFSB
                                      context.putPrivateData(StatefulTransactionMarker.class, StatefulTransactionMarker.of(true));
                              } else {
                                  context.putPrivateData(StatefulTransactionMarker.class, StatefulTransactionMarker.of(false));
                          // proceed with the invocation
                          return context.proceed();
                      } finally {
                          // if the current call did *not* register a tx SessionSynchronization, then we have to explicitly mark the
                          // SFSB instance as "no longer in use". If it registered a tx SessionSynchronization, then releasing the lock is
                          // taken care off by a tx synchronization callbacks.
                          if (!wasTxSyncRegistered && !instance.isSynchronizationRegistered()) {
                          } else if (!wasTxSyncRegistered) {
                              //if we don't release the lock here then it will be acquired multiple times
                              //and only released once
                              //we also call the cache release to decrease the usage count
                              if (!instance.isDiscarded()) {
              } finally {



      #Log StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor - pop lock owner
      RULE logStatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor.processInvocation.popOwner
      CLASS org.jboss.as.ejb3.component.stateful.StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor
      METHOD processInvocation(InterceptorContext)
      AT INVOKE org.jboss.as.ejb3.tx.OwnableReentrantLock.popOwner() ALL
      IF true
      DO log($CLASS, "DEBUG", "(Method processInvocation) Popping lock owner off the lock.")


      bmsubmit shows me verify error:

      VerifyError during retransformation : some rules may not have been correctly injected or uninjected!


      at sun.instrument.InstrumentationImpl.retransformClasses0(Native Method)

      at sun.instrument.InstrumentationImpl.retransformClasses(InstrumentationImpl.java:144)

      at org.jboss.byteman.agent.Retransformer.installScript(Retransformer.java:144)

      at org.jboss.byteman.agent.TransformListener.handleScripts(TransformListener.java:349)

      at org.jboss.byteman.agent.TransformListener.loadScripts(TransformListener.java:272)

      at org.jboss.byteman.agent.TransformListener.handleConnection(TransformListener.java:225)

      at org.jboss.byteman.agent.TransformListener.run(TransformListener.java:158)


      NOTE: If I remove ALL counter, it works. But I need to use ALL counter because I want the rule to inject code into every case when program reaches finally block.

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          Andrew Dinn Master

          Hi Radek,

          I am getting VerifyError after running bmsubmit.


          Interesting . . .!


          Thanks for reporting this.  I will try to reproduce this and see what I can do to fix it.


          Meanwhile, could you try to recreate the problem setting two extra properties on the Java command line


          java -javaagent:... -Dorg.jboss.byteman.dump.generated.classes -Dorg.jboss.byteman.dump.generated.classes.intermediate ...


          The first property configures Byteman so that when it modifies the bytecode for class org.jboss.as.ejb3.component.stateful.StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor it dumps the transformed bytecode to a file




          The class file will be written below the current working directory of the java application. This is probably going to be the same dir as where you start java from (unless the startup script or the app server itself changes the current working directory).


          The second flag is needed just in case the class has more than one rule injected into it. In that case Byteman will perform several transformations one after another. This flag ensues that it dumps the bytecode at each stage. In which case you may also see files like StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor_0.class, StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor_1.class , etc.

          Could you please attach any resulting .class files to this thread so I can verify the transformed bytecode (by eyeball :-).

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            Radek Koubský Newbie


            ok I started Wildfly with your options, it generated two files, see attachment.

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              Andrew Dinn Master

              HI Radek,


              Thanks very much for the class files. After looking at the source and the bytecode I have managed to create a much simpler class which reproduces the verify error and was able to use it to run java and see the full output from the verifier.


              This is a very interesting bug. It seems Byteman is getting mixed up about the scope of the monitorenter + monitorexit byecodes which bracket the synchronized region. Byteman seems to think that the injected code for the outer finally block can be called on a path where a monitorenter has been executed without a corresponding monitorexit. A bytecode dump shows that this is not so. Byteman thinks the locked object is still stored in the lcoals area whereas the verifier knows that the object has been unlocked and hence that the locals slot should be regarded as empty (it's nto actually emptied but logically the object is not available).


              The presence of the retun in the inner synchronized block seems to be the key to making this happen. I'll need to walk through the code generation algorithm with a debugger to see what Byteman is getting wrong. I'll let you know when I find more details.

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                Andrew Dinn Master

                Hi Radek,


                I have investigated this and found the root of the problem. I raised  BYTEMAN-297 to document it and record the fix. I have tested the fix on my reproducer and I will push a new snapshot relase for you to use to confirm that it resolves your issue. If so it will go into the next release.


                Ok, now close your eyes if you don't want to know the gory details.


                Essentally Byteman is incorrectly analysing some of the exception flow  through the method. So, it thinks that an excpetion in the synchronized block can enter the finally block without an intervening monitorexit instruction having been executed.


                Synchronized blocks translate to monitorenter and monitorexit bytecodes but note that monitorexit can be executed on both the normal flow path and also on flow thorough to exception handlers. Exception flow passes through an intermediate handler which does the unlock. This intermediate handler is itself protected by two nested try-catch regions. The first guards against any error arising up to the montiorexit and redirects control back to the start of the intermediate handler. The second region covers the whole intermediate handler and guards against any error in the rethrow which redirects control to the fially code. That means that the second region can only generate an exceptional flow of control into the finally block after the locked object has been unlocked by monitorexit.


                Byteman failed ot detect this specific nesting of try-catch regions (where the two regiosn start at the same position). So, it assumed that in the finally block the synchronized object might still be locked. As a consequence, whenit injected the rule triggering code it placed a monitorexit into the handlers which deal with exceptions thrown by the rule. The verifier detects that this monitorexit is invalid because the object is guaranteed ot be unlocked by the time control reaches the finally block.

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                  Andrew Dinn Master

                  By the way, just for completeness here is the code for the simple reproducer I created


                  public class FinallyTest
                      public static void main (String[] args)
                          FinallyTest f = new FinallyTest();
                      public void test(int x)
                          try {
                              synchronized(this) {
                          } finally {
                              System.out.println("outer finally");
                      public void sub(int x)
                          if ((x & 1) != 0) {
                              throw new RuntimeException("haha!");
                          System.out.println("sub: x = " + x);
                      public void sub2(int x) {
                          System.out.println("sub2: x = " + x);


                  and here is the Byteman rule which causes the bug to manifest


                  RULE test finally
                  CLASS FinallyTest
                  METHOD test
                  AT INVOKE sub2 ALL
                  IF TRUE
                  DO traceln("test: x = " + $x)
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                    Andrew Dinn Master

                    Hi Radek,


                    I have uploaded a new shapshot release to maven central. Could you please download it and see if it fixes the original problem. Thanks.





                    Andrew Dinn

                    • 7. Re: VerifyError
                      Radek Koubský Newbie


                      thanks for trying to fix that. I assume the new snapshot is the byteman-download-3.0.2-20151013.140955-3-full.zip from Tue Oct 13 14:10:01 UTC 2015.

                      However, I am not able to run my byteman script. I found another exception which could provide you more information.


                      The original VerifyError showed up after these steps:

                      I have running wildfly instance

                      1) I add the ALL counter to the rule

                      2) I run bmsubmit /path/to/script

                      3) I run bmsubmit



                      Now I just run Wildfly which loads the script at start, and it shows this exception (and it shows it with the previous byteman snapshot as well):


                      22:40:43,834 ERROR [org.jboss.msc.service.fail] (MSC service thread 1-5) MSC000001: Failed to start service jboss.deployment.subunit."wildfly-ejb-in-ear-ear.ear"."wildfly-ejb-in-ear-ejb.jar".INSTALL: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.deployment.subunit."wildfly-ejb-in-ear-ear.ear"."wildfly-ejb-in-ear-ejb.jar".INSTALL: JBAS018733: Failed to process phase INSTALL of subdeployment "wildfly-ejb-in-ear-ejb.jar" of deployment "wildfly-ejb-in-ear-ear.ear"
                        at org.jboss.as.server.deployment.DeploymentUnitPhaseService.start(DeploymentUnitPhaseService.java:166) [wildfly-server-8.2.0.Final.jar:8.2.0.Final]
                        at org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceControllerImpl$StartTask.startService(ServiceControllerImpl.java:1948) [jboss-msc-1.2.2.Final.jar:1.2.2.Final]
                        at org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceControllerImpl$StartTask.run(ServiceControllerImpl.java:1881) [jboss-msc-1.2.2.Final.jar:1.2.2.Final]
                        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1145) [rt.jar:1.7.0_80]
                        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:615) [rt.jar:1.7.0_80]
                        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [rt.jar:1.7.0_80]
                      Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Bad local variable type
                      Exception Details:
                          org/jboss/as/ejb3/component/stateful/StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor.processInvocation(Lorg/jboss/invocation/InterceptorContext;)Ljava/lang/Object; @1145: aload
                          Type top (current frame, locals[10]) is not assignable to reference type
                        Current Frame:
                          bci: @1145
                          flags: { }
                          locals: { 'org/jboss/as/ejb3/component/stateful/StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor', 'org/jboss/invocation/InterceptorContext', 'org/jboss/as/ejb3/component/stateful/StatefulSessionComponent', 'org/jboss/as/ejb3/component/stateful/StatefulSessionComponentInstance', 'org/jboss/as/ejb3/tx/OwnableReentrantLock', 'java/lang/Object', 'javax/transaction/TransactionSynchronizationRegistry', 'java/lang/Object', top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, 'java/lang/Throwable' }
                          stack: { 'org/jboss/byteman/rule/exception/ExecuteException' }
                          0000000: 2b12 2cb8 0030 c000 2c4d 2bb8 0036 4e12
                          0000010: 382a 05bd 003a 5903 2d53 5904 123c 53b8
                          0000020: 0042 2db6 004e 3a04 1250 2a05 bd00 3a59
                          0000030: 0319 0453 5904 123c 53b8 0042 2db6 0054
                          0000040: 3a05 1256 2a05 bd00 3a59 0319 0553 5904
                          0000050: 123c 53b8 0042 2cb6 005a 3a06 1906 b800
                          0000060: 5e3a 0719 0419 0712 602a 05bd 003a 5903
                          0000070: 1907 5359 0412 3c53 b800 42b6 0066 2c2b
                          0000080: b600 6cb6 0070 3a08 b200 76b9 007a 0100
                          0000090: 9900 31b2 0076 bb00 7c59 b700 7d12 7fb6
                          00000a0: 0083 1904 b600 8612 88b6 0083 2db6 0086
                          00000b0: 128a b600 832b b600 86b6 008e b900 9102
                          00000c0: 0019 0419 08b6 0097 1908 b600 9bb6 009f
                          00000d0: 3609 12a1 2a05 bd00 3a59 0315 09bb 00a3
                          00000e0: 5a5f b700 a653 5904 123c 53b8 0042 12a8
                          00000f0: 2a05 bd00 3a59 0319 0853 5904 123c 53b8
                          0000100: 0042 1509 9a00 17b2 00ae 2b19 08b6 0097
                          0000110: 1908 b600 9bb9 00b2 0500 bf19 0559 3a0a
                          0000120: c2b2 0076 b900 7a01 0099 0031 b200 76bb
                          0000130: 007c 59b7 007d 12b4 b600 8319 04b6 0086
                          0000140: 1288 b600 832d b600 8612 8ab6 0083 2bb6
                          0000150: 0086 b600 8eb9 0091 0200 013a 0b03 360c
                          0000160: 2ab4 0024 9901 252d b600 b712 b92a 05bd
                          0000170: 003a 5903 2d53 5904 123c 53b8 0042 12bb
                          0000180: 2a05 bd00 3a59 032d 5359 0412 3c53 b800
                          0000190: 429a 00ed 1906 b900 c001 003a 0b12 c22a
                          00001a0: 05bd 003a 5903 190b 5359 0412 3c53 b800
                          00001b0: 4219 06b9 00c6 0100 360d 12c8 2a05 bd00
                          00001c0: 3a59 0315 0dbb 00a3 5a5f b700 a653 5904
                          00001d0: 123c 53b8 0042 190b c600 a315 0d06 9f00
                          00001e0: 9d15 0d07 9f00 97bb 0007 592a 2d19 07b7
                          00001f0: 00cb 3a0e 1906 190e b900 cf02 0004 360c
                          0000200: b200 76b9 007a 0100 9900 32b2 0076 bb00
                          0000210: 7c59 b700 7d12 d1b6 0083 190e b600 8612
                          0000220: d3b6 0083 190b b600 8612 d5b6 0083 2db6
                          0000230: 0086 b600 8eb9 0091 0200 2d12 d72a 04bd
                          0000240: 003a 5903 123c 53b8 0042 b600 da2d 0412
                          0000250: dc2a 04bd 003a 5903 123c 53b8 0042 b600
                          0000260: df2b 12e1 04b8 00e5 b600 e912 eb2a 04bd
                          0000270: 003a 5903 123c 53b8 0042 57a7 000e 2b12
                          0000280: e103 b800 e5b6 00e9 572b 12ed 2a04 bd00
                          0000290: 3a59 0312 3c53 b800 42b6 00f0 3a0d 150c
                          00002a0: 9a00 212d b600 b79a 001a 2a2d 12f2 2a04
                          00002b0: bd00 3a59 0312 3c53 b800 42b6 00f6 a700
                          00002c0: 4415 0c9a 003f 2a2d 12f8 2a05 bd00 3a59
                          00002d0: 032d 5359 0412 3c53 b800 42b6 00fb 2db6
                          00002e0: 00fe 9a00 202d b601 01b6 0105 2d13 0107
                          00002f0: 2a04 bd00 3a59 0312 3c53 b800 42b9 010d
                          0000300: 0200 190a c319 0413 010f 2a04 bd00 3a59
                          0000310: 0312 3c53 b800 42b6 0112 190d b03a 0f15
                          0000320: 0c9a 0021 2db6 00b7 9a00 1a2a 2d12 f22a
                          0000330: 04bd 003a 5903 123c 53b8 0042 b600 f6a7
                          0000340: 0044 150c 9a00 3f2a 2d12 f82a 05bd 003a
                          0000350: 5903 2d53 5904 123c 53b8 0042 b600 fb2d
                          0000360: b600 fe9a 0020 2db6 0101 b601 052d 1301
                          0000370: 072a 04bd 003a 5903 123c 53b8 0042 b901
                          0000380: 0d02 0019 0fbf 3a10 190a c319 10bf 3a11
                          0000390: 1904 1301 0f2a 04bd 003a 5903 123c 53b8
                          00003a0: 0042 b601 1219 11bf b601 15b0 b601 19bf
                          00003b0: bfb6 0115 b0b6 0119 bfbf b601 15b0 b601
                          00003c0: 19bf bfb6 0115 b0b6 0119 bfbf b601 15b0
                          00003d0: b601 19bf bfb6 0115 b0b6 0119 bfbf 190a
                          00003e0: c3bf b601 15b0 b601 19bf bf19 0ac3 bfb6
                          00003f0: 0115 b0b6 0119 bfbf 190a c3bf b601 15b0
                          0000400: b601 19bf bf19 0ac3 bfb6 0115 b0b6 0119
                          0000410: bfbf 190a c3bf b601 15b0 b601 19bf bf19
                          0000420: 0ac3 bfb6 0115 b0b6 0119 bfbf 190a c3bf
                          0000430: b601 15b0 b601 19bf bf19 0ac3 bfb6 0115
                          0000440: b0b6 0119 bfbf 190a c3bf 190a c3bf b601
                          0000450: 15b0 b601 19bf bf19 0ac3 bf19 0ac3 bfb6
                          0000460: 0115 b0b6 0119 bfbf 190a c3bf 190a c3bf
                          0000470: b601 15b0 b601 19bf bf19 0ac3 bfb6 0115
                          0000480: b0b6 0119 bfbf                        
                        Exception Handler Table:
                          bci [15, 34] => handler: 936
                          bci [15, 34] => handler: 940
                          bci [15, 34] => handler: 944
                          bci [40, 60] => handler: 945
                          bci [40, 60] => handler: 949
                          bci [40, 60] => handler: 953
                          bci [66, 86] => handler: 954
                          bci [66, 86] => handler: 958
                          bci [66, 86] => handler: 962
                          bci [103, 123] => handler: 963
                          bci [103, 123] => handler: 967
                          bci [103, 123] => handler: 971
                          bci [210, 238] => handler: 981
                          bci [210, 238] => handler: 985
                          bci [210, 238] => handler: 989
                          bci [210, 258] => handler: 972
                          bci [210, 258] => handler: 976
                          bci [210, 258] => handler: 980
                          bci [363, 382] => handler: 1068
                          bci [382, 401] => handler: 990
                          bci [413, 433] => handler: 1003
                          bci [442, 470] => handler: 1016
                          bci [571, 586] => handler: 1029
                          bci [591, 606] => handler: 1042
                          bci [619, 634] => handler: 1055
                          bci [650, 665] => handler: 1081
                          bci [352, 670] => handler: 797
                          bci [684, 699] => handler: 1094
                          bci [712, 731] => handler: 1111
                          bci [749, 765] => handler: 1128
                          bci [289, 773] => handler: 902
                          bci [126, 773] => handler: 910
                          bci [775, 791] => handler: 1149
                          bci [775, 791] => handler: 1153
                          bci [775, 791] => handler: 1157
                          bci [797, 799] => handler: 797
                          bci [813, 828] => handler: 1098
                          bci [841, 860] => handler: 1115
                          bci [878, 894] => handler: 1132
                          bci [797, 907] => handler: 902
                          bci [797, 912] => handler: 910
                          bci [914, 930] => handler: 1145
                          bci [990, 994] => handler: 994
                          bci [990, 994] => handler: 998
                          bci [990, 994] => handler: 1002
                          bci [1003, 1007] => handler: 1007
                          bci [1003, 1007] => handler: 1011
                          bci [1003, 1007] => handler: 1015
                          bci [1016, 1020] => handler: 1020
                          bci [1016, 1020] => handler: 1024
                          bci [1016, 1020] => handler: 1028
                          bci [1029, 1033] => handler: 1033
                          bci [1029, 1033] => handler: 1037
                          bci [1029, 1033] => handler: 1041
                          bci [1042, 1046] => handler: 1046
                          bci [1042, 1046] => handler: 1050
                          bci [1042, 1046] => handler: 1054
                          bci [1055, 1059] => handler: 1059
                          bci [1055, 1059] => handler: 1063
                          bci [1055, 1059] => handler: 1067
                          bci [1068, 1072] => handler: 1072
                          bci [1068, 1072] => handler: 1076
                          bci [1068, 1072] => handler: 1080
                          bci [1081, 1085] => handler: 1085
                          bci [1081, 1085] => handler: 1089
                          bci [1081, 1085] => handler: 1093
                          bci [1094, 1098] => handler: 1102
                          bci [1094, 1098] => handler: 1106
                          bci [1094, 1098] => handler: 1110
                          bci [1098, 1102] => handler: 1102
                          bci [1098, 1102] => handler: 1106
                          bci [1098, 1102] => handler: 1110
                          bci [1111, 1115] => handler: 1119
                          bci [1111, 1115] => handler: 1123
                          bci [1111, 1115] => handler: 1127
                          bci [1115, 1119] => handler: 1119
                          bci [1115, 1119] => handler: 1123
                          bci [1115, 1119] => handler: 1127
                          bci [1128, 1132] => handler: 1136
                          bci [1128, 1132] => handler: 1140
                          bci [1128, 1132] => handler: 1144
                          bci [1132, 1136] => handler: 1136
                          bci [1132, 1136] => handler: 1140
                          bci [1132, 1136] => handler: 1144
                          bci [1145, 1149] => handler: 1149
                          bci [1145, 1149] => handler: 1153
                          bci [1145, 1149] => handler: 1157
                        Stackmap Table:
                        at org.jboss.as.ejb3.component.stateful.StatefulComponentDescription$2.configure(StatefulComponentDescription.java:160)
                        at org.jboss.as.ee.component.deployers.EEModuleConfigurationProcessor.deploy(EEModuleConfigurationProcessor.java:81)
                        at org.jboss.as.server.deployment.DeploymentUnitPhaseService.start(DeploymentUnitPhaseService.java:159) [wildfly-server-8.2.0.Final.jar:8.2.0.Final]
                        ... 5 more
                      • 8. Re: VerifyError
                        Andrew Dinn Master

                        Hi Radek,


                        Is this stlll the same rule set that I downloaded a few days ago and used ot identify the ClassCastException problem? If so then I will use it to reproduce the problem on my latets tree (whihc includes the local boolean fix),. If not then can I just pull your latest git repo and deploy the code form there as you described previously? Or do I also need to edit standalone.conf to include other rule sscritps in the -javagent options? and also do I need to run somethngn other than the ejb quickstart to reproduce it?


                        n.b. I only used two rules from the ejb script to reproduce the local boolean problme and only tested the fix with the same two rules in place. So, it would be good to know if the problem you are seeing is caused by some other ejb script rule or by a rul ein some other part. Wa sthere a message preceding the verify error which indicated what rule was being injected when the problem arose?


                        Also. I have uploaded a 4th SNAPSHOT to tehsnapshots repo




                        This snapshot includes the boolan local fix. I doubt that this latest bug is caused by the local boolean fix being missing from the previous snapshot but you might as well have a jar with that fix in just so we can rule that out and also so you can get your lock check rule (the one which mentions $acquired) to work.

                        • 9. Re: VerifyError
                          Andrew Dinn Master

                          Hi Radek,


                          I eread your original comments and worked out what rule to change n order ot reproduce the second problem:




                          RULE logStatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor.processInvocation.popOwner


                          change location to


                          AT INVOKE org.jboss.as.ejb3.tx.OwnableReentrantLock.popOwner() ALL


                          I'm looking into this now





                          Andrew Dinn

                          • 10. Re: VerifyError
                            Radek Koubský Newbie


                            ok, I try to be more specific.


                            To my environment:

                            I downloaded the https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/org/jboss/byteman/byteman-download/3.0.2-SNAPSHOT/byteman-downlo…, then I downloaded your new jar https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/org/jboss/byteman/byteman/3.0.2-SNAPSHOT/byteman-3.0.2-20151015.… and replaced the old jar in the byteman directory (extracted from the zip) with the new one.


                            My script:

                            I use only the ejb.btm script from my github repo. Nothing has changed with the original rule, I only added new rules.

                            Rule with VerifyError:

                            I tested your fix with the same rule as the one  at the start of this discussion:

                            #Log StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor - pop lock owner
                            RULE logStatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor.processInvocation.popOwner
                            CLASS org.jboss.as.ejb3.component.stateful.StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor
                            METHOD processInvocation(InterceptorContext)
                            AT INVOKE org.jboss.as.ejb3.tx.OwnableReentrantLock.popOwner() ALL
                            IF true
                            DO log($CLASS, "DEBUG", "(Method processInvocation) Popping lock owner off the lock.")


                            NOTE: In my repo, there is no ALL counter because I needed to run and test other rules and it was not possible with the VerifyError.


                            1) VerifyError after submitting rule to running Wildfly instance

                            This is the original problem. I have running Wildlfy instance. I add the "ALL" counter to the rule and then run "bmsubmit path/to/my/script" which tries to redefine my rules and it fails at the logStatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor.processInvocation.popOwner rule with the java.lang.VerifyError. I tried it just now with the latest version of byteman jar and it is giving me the same java.lang.VerifyError.


                            2) VerifyError when Wildfly starts with byteman script which contains the rule with ALL counter

                            This is the second problem. After running Wildfly, there is another java.lang.VerifyError in logs which is described in my last reply before this one.


                            FYI: I am going abroad for a few days until Monday 19, so I will be able to reply on Monday evening.

                            • 11. Re: VerifyError
                              Andrew Dinn Master

                              HI Radek,


                              I finally managed to pin down a second problem with injecting into finally blocks and I now have a fix for it.


                              It seems to fix the problem with the version of your rule which uses location


                                AT INVOKE org.jboss.as.ejb3.tx.OwnableReentrantLock.popOwner() ALL


                              The Byteman issue for the bug is BYTEMAN-299. I have pushed a new snapshot for you to try (byteman-3.0.2-20151026.154644-5.jar). Could you try it and confirm whether or not it fixes with the latest problem you have seen?

                              • 12. Re: VerifyError
                                Radek Koubský Newbie

                                Hi Andrew,

                                I have good news for you, I just tried to run Wildfly with the script and it works. Reinstalling the rule with bmsubmit works as well. So thanks again for fixing it. I finished work on my project for now, I wrote little documentation on the github page, feel free to use it.

                                • 13. Re: VerifyError
                                  Andrew Dinn Master

                                  Hi Radek,

                                  Radek Koubský wrote:


                                  Hi Andrew,

                                  I have good news for you, I just tried to run Wildfly with the script and it works. Reinstalling the rule with bmsubmit works as well. So thanks again for fixing it. I finished work on my project for now, I wrote little documentation on the github page, feel free to use it.


                                  Excellent news! Thanks very much for confirming the fix. The project looks really useful


                                  I will mention your project in the 3.0.2 release announcement. It's a very good example of how Byteman can be used to implement a log/trace facility. I'll also give credit for all your effort in helping identify and test the issues that came up.