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    Jboss4.0.5+Hibernate3+Spring2.0+Informix Dynamic Server 10

    D Taylor Newbie

      I am using the stack in the subject line, and have discovered what I think might be a bug. When JBoss first starts up and deploys my war, everything works fine. However, when I redeploy the war, when Spring's LocalSessionFactory initialized, the container just hangs (and can't be shutdown, has to be killed). This is occuring when it checks to see if there is a valid connection, since there is no Informix ValidConnectionChecker (or whatever that interface is called), it just tries to run the SQL in DS config (an XA datasource), something goes wrong. Then I remove the check, the war is deployed, but then you get an error saying that the app is trying to use a connection that is no longer associated with ManagedConnection.

      In order to get around this, after Spring has initialized, I stop and start the ManagedConnectionFactory MBean through JMX (with a BeanPostProcessor), after which, everything works fine.

      Of course, I could be missing something here, I'm hoping a working InformixConnectionValidator class is forthcoming. :)