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    create REST War

    jie tao Novice

      I used Teiid designer to create a source model for MySQL, then a relational view model, then a procedure (REST enabled) within the view, then a VDB with source model and view model, finally created WAR. But: as I tested the web service I got the error:


      SEVERE [org.teiid.rest] (http-/  Exception in execute: {0}: java.lang.Throwable: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: PROCEDURE SQLModel.JieRest does not exist

          at org.teiid.rest.services.TeiidRSProviderPost.execute(TeiidRSProviderPost.java:116) [classes:] .....


      where SQLModel is the name of the relational view and JieRest is the name of the procedure. Are there additional steps to add the procedure? I used "preview data" menu to test the procedure and I got the result: the expected XML string..