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    JBAS015004: Caught exception writing deployment marker file

    Mad Matt Newbie

      I have the following runtime stack:


      Ubuntu 14.04 (VMWare hosted)

      Wildfly 8.2

      JEE Web Application (mysql (mysql-connector-java-5.1.34-bin.jar) DB at different machine)


      Every month or so I get a "JBAS015004: Caught exception writing deployment marker file...(too many open files)".

      It originates from different parts of the application and is not reproducable, so I don't think it's related to the code of the application.

      It seems that the wildfly/standalone/deployments/ directory gets screwed up because when the error occurs sometimes one or more .war or .jar files are missing or an .undeployed file is added. Last time the latest deployment was automatically replaced with a prior version, although the deployments directory did not contain any relevant files (according to ls -la wildfly/standalone/deployments/)

      Usually purging the deployment directory and/or re-deploying the application solves the issue.

      Any idea what the problem could be?

      (We have about 20.000 WebService calls and some hundred visits per day)