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    What webapp do you suggest to make a small test connection the webapp to oracle for performance test?

    leandro machado Newbie

      Hi guys, im going nuts trying to get this!, i need to use ANY-KIND-OF-WEB-APP for Jboss (it has to be if possible 6.3 EAP),  after i upload the webapp to the suse jboss server EAP 6.3, i will link it to Oracle 11r2 running on another SUSE enterprise 11.


      After having those two running i'm going to use jmetter to throw tests measuring performance from both computers....


      But the problem is i cant make any app work like i want... which app would you suggest? , i tried jboss portal,gatein,orbeon, opencms but i cant make anyone to work. (i can use another version, something higher than jboss eap 6.3 works).


      Which one would you suggest?, easy to install and to connect to the oracle db. (i will make it bring a couple of rows and columns from the db, nothing important).