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    Eclipse Human Task View is not displaying the task

    Nirmalya Sinha Newbie



      I have downloaded jBPM5.4 installer and installed all the components by running ant start.demo.noeclipse. I already had eclipse and installed the jBPM plugging from the following location - http://download.jboss.org/drools/release/5.4.0.Final/org.drools.updatesite/.


      I started the jboss AS 7.1 server, then h2 database and then human task.


      In eclipse I opened the sample evaluation project and executed the application. You can see that the Process has started -


      In jBPM console the task is also displayed properly -


      But in eclipse, the Human Task View tab is not displaying the task. So I couldn't progress further -



      There were some issues in-between, but by taking help from this forum I could solve all those issues. But this issue is really bugging for a long time, hence asking for your help.


      Also what's the Release tab in the jBPM Console do? What's its purpose?


      Can you please help me out?


      Thanks in advance.