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    deployment and undeployment order between EJBs in jboss 5.1.

    K K Newbie


      is there a possibility to control the deployment order of ears? In jboss 4.X there is a PrefixSorter. Is there anything similar to it in jboss 5?

      But I find it more interesting if there is a possibility to control the undeployment order of EJBs in an ear during a shutdown of jboss? My intuition was, if an EJB A depends on EJB B (by @EJB injection) then first EJB A is undeployed and then EJB B. But this is not the case.
      I can make an EJB depend on an MBean. Then the EJB is undeployed before the MBean's stop method is called and it is undeployed. An undeploy control between EJBs would be favoured.

      Thanks a lot for helping.