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    ORA-01031: insufficient privileges, grant requirements

    Kyosuke Kasuga Newbie

      I have some problems to deploy EJB3 on JBOSS 4..0.5, abd a Oracle8i databse. "DATABASE"

      I have one instance of my database, and two schema " SCH1" and "SCH2",
      I'm log on SH1 and each Schema has any table.
      but I have to create a ejb entity SCH2_TABLE1, TABLE1 is a table of SH2,
      in the TABLE1 script :



      When I try to deploy, I have an Oracle exception : ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

      My question is, what are the privileges required to deploy an EJB3 entity on an Oracle database or Schema?

      An other question, if I don't declare my entity in the persistence.xml, jboss find my entity and try to deploy it...is it normal??

      What is the use of the persistence file?
      I know it use to declare the oracle-DS file and the name of the database, and also the mode of persistence (update, create-drop)... but how it can find my entity without any declaration?

      Thanks for your answer.