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    bundling datatources with the application

    Eric Ray Novice

      I want to bundle a datasource xml file with my ear. Here's how I have it bundled.

       -- META-INF/
       -- ejbs.jar
       -- webapp.war
       -- my-ds.xml

      When this deploys it appears jboss is taking the my-ds.xml file and renaming it to jboss-ds.xml and placing into the <server_home>/default/deploy directory.

      This is fine for a single application. However, I'm working on more than one application at a time and I need to have separate *-ds.xml files deployed with the individual applications. However, jboss wants to name the all jboss-dx.xml and put them in the same directory. Then of course the datasource is never bound because jboss assumes it's already bound (I guess).

      Is there a way to have my individual datasource files deployed so they retain the original name and are NOT renamed to jboss-ds.xml? My main objective is to bundle the datasource files with the ear files and so I don't have to pre-deploy datasource files when I move my ear file to another instance of jboss.