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    Type Mapping Oracle 9i

    Harri Eleftheriadis Newbie


      i am using Jboss 4.0.4 with EJB2.1 and a Oracle Database.
      In my database there are tables containing CLOB fields.
      The EJB accessing these tables use a "special" jbosscmp-jdbc.xml in which i explicitely define the CLOB type for the relevant fields.


      That works fine but makes me have to use different jbosscmp-jdbc.xml files for different databases (e.g SQLServer).
      Maybe i misunderstood something but i think normaly such type-mapping has do be done in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml in the conf directory of my used server implementation.
      But when i define the CLOB mapping in that file it does not work.


      JBoss does not throw neither an exception nor error or warning.
      The accessing method in the bean just returns null such as if the db field contains null. I draw the conclusion, that JBoss just has problems reading the db data of the CLOB field.

      Can someone explain why my the "global" mapping does not work?
      Maybe i just forgot something else?

      Thanks for your help

      Harri E.