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    Query with Order By Statement fails with EJBException:Nullpo

    achim stamm Newbie

      I have a simple query and got into trouble if I add an order by statement (where condition is not used).
      Without the order statement everything works fine. What can happen, that an order by statement causes the EJBException:Nullpointerexception occurs?

      I use JBoss VM 4.0 Eclipse Plug-In and Hypersonic Database.

      Here is the code snippet..

      public List getTaskEntryForAdministration(String Worker, String Projekt) {
      try {

      String querystr = "";
      String Filter = "";
      if (!Worker.equals(""))
      Filter = Filter +" where worker.name='"+Worker+"'";
      if (!Projekt.equals("")){
      if (Filter.equals(""))
      Filter = Filter +" where task.project.project_name='"+Projekt+"'";
      Filter = Filter +" and task.project.project_name='"+Projekt+"'";

      String OrderBy = new String(" order by worker.name,task.project.project_name,task.task_name,start_time,end_time");

      querystr = "from TaskEntry"+ Filter + OrderBy;
      List TaskEntryList = null;
      Query query = this.entityManager.createQuery(querystr);
      if (query!=null){
      TaskEntryList = query.getResultList();

      return TaskEntryList;

      } catch (EJBException e) {
      if (e.getCause() == null) e.initCause(e.getCausedByException());
      throw e;