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    suspect metrics report

    Rich Kucera Newbie

      Is there any way to filter out all the JON-related metrics from the report?   It is flooding the report.


      Thank you!



      Also,  side question -- is there some reason the data for this report is only available to the rhqadmin user and no ldap users?



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          Larry O'Leary Newbie



          The suspect metric report does not provide a filter/search option. My suggestion would be to export the report's contents as a CSV and then filter it using a spreadsheet column value filter or a regular expression within your favorite text editor.


          The report data is available to all users based on their role and their role's list of resources. For example, if you have a role and assign a resource group containing JBoss EAP resources to it, you can then in turn assign the user to the role. This user will then be able to see suspect metrics for one or more of the EAP servers available to their role, assuming a suspect metric exists.


          Hope that helps,


          Larry O'Leary