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    suspect metrics report


      Is there any way to filter out all the RHQ-related metrics from the report?   It is flooding the report.


      Thank you!



      Also,  side question -- is there some reason the data for this report is only available to the rhqadmin user and no ldap users?



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          That's a very good question, and one it would be interesting to know an answer to.


          To be honest, I've rarely used this view, probably it's always empty when I log in using LDAP user. But now using rhqadmin I see we there are 1441 suspect metrics the last two days. It does seem to get purged every two days, but not sure where this setting even is?


          We have our LDAP user group mapped to the All Resources Role so I would assume this should be able to see this report, I can't see any reason why it should be restricted to rhqadmin.

          I see the same in JON 3.3.3 so I assume a bug...