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    MDB not intercepted when annotation is put dynamically

    Matthieu Brouillard Newbie



      I have an issue with CDI and MDBs.

      I have a CDI extension that dynamically add an interception annotation to managed beans. Unfortunately on MDBs the intercptor is not called.


      In the provided/attached project I have simplified as much as I could the example, can someone confirm that it is a bug, I'll then open a JIRA.


      Example description:

      • it is a maven based project
      • it requires a local Wilfly installation running on standard ports
      • using cli create the expected queue:


      • execute arquillian test

      mvn verify -DUSER_NAME=adminuser -DUSER_PASSWORD=adminpassword

      In the example, a MDB (that should be intercepted) when receiving a message delegates stuff to an EJB (that should be intercepted).

      The test, send a message to the MDB queue and verifies that there were 2 interceptions.

      Currently it fails because only the stateless has been intercepted.

      If instead of putting the annotation dynamically with the extension you set it directly on the MDB & on the Stateless (and deactivate the extension) then the test works.


      It looks like only dynamicaly set annotations are not taken into account on MDB.


      Can someone confirm the problem?





      I added a version of the project that is git enabled with 2 tags:

      • dynamic: interception annotation are put dynamically by the CDI extension and the test fails
      • static: interception annotation are put directly on the classes, the extension is deactivated and the test succeeds