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    how to create jdbc user to connect to teiid instance?

    carlos ctrip Newbie

      Hi, Im new into the jboss and teiid tools for data virtualization, I followed the part one and two of Introduction to Data Virtualization by Blaine Mincey  everything looks good, I can access  the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization management console in, then under Jboss developer studio I created a teiid designer instance, and a test project (xml flat file), I added the Jboss EAP 6.4 server to the servers tab, started the server, but when Im going to preview the data, I receive this error: "Validate jdbc username and password in the default teiid instance"


      In the following capture you can see the administration connection works ok, but the jdbc connection doesnt, Where can I edit/create users for the jdbc connections? I think Im missing something, cos I didnt configure any jdbc users, so that information of user and password was there by default, another thing is the teiid instance configuration is listening on port 9999, and the jdbc connection is in 31000, is that ok? are they work in separate ports?


      thanks a lot for the help!!