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    Oracle 10g in JBoss4.0.5

    HAMMAM Mounir Newbie

      Hi all;

      My application run on JBoss SA using oracle9i successfuly, i use an appropriate object to map CLOB object.

      but when i change oracle 9i with oracle 10g (driver changement ojdbc14.jar) all CLOB objects in database aren't loaded.

      i use the following method in the usertype classes to read CLOB object :

      public Object nullSafeGet(ResultSet rs, String[] names, Object owner) throws SQLException {

      Reader clobReader = rs.getCharacterStream(names[0]);
      return UserTypeLobHelper.readCLOB(clobReader);

      in oracle9i ---> clobReader is not null;
      in oracle 10g ---> clobReader is null;

      thank's for your help;