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    Memory Leak in SecurityManager

    Thomas Hofmann Newbie

      We are running jboss 4.2.2 in production mode on a 64bit-linux box. During processing of a throughput oriented task the heap memory consumption of the class org.jboss.mq.security.SecurityManagerincreases continuosly from 48 MB to 280 MB. This task runs about one hour and processes 80.000 records.
      After starting that task a second time the heap for the SecurityManager increases from 280MB to 360 MB. Due to the increasing heap the application pauses when the gc starts (the full gc cycles increase).
      We started the VM with -xms 1024 -xmx 1024 and created some heap dumps. Analyzing the heapdumps with the Eclipse Memory Analizer shows memory leaks in class org.jboss.mq.security.SecurityManager
      Providing more initial heap (2GB) postpones the issue to a later time. So the application slows down on the third try.

      Are there any exprierences or recommendations for this issue?

      Thanks in advance