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    Entity Bean CMP Tutorial Request

    SKS Vip Newbie

      i'm trying to create my first Entity Bean CMP;

      My configuration is:

      I studied the JBossIDE-Tutorial.pdf and i can create session beans, but i can't find a similar tutorial for Entity Bean CMP. Some suggestion?
      I have already read 2 books about j2ee, but i can't understand how to use the jboss IDE to create Entity bean CMP (expecially the XDoclet and other configuration file).

      I'd like to use also 2 jars (external java program to access some legacy function) in my bean; how i can include them in the packaging?

      Finally one of this jar require 2 file .dll (windows) or .so (linux) in the same working dir of the jar. Can i include them also?

      I have alredy done a java (not j2ee) project with these jar and works fine but i can't understand how to include this files in a j2ee project.

      Thanks in advance.
      Andrea Consiglio

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          SKS Vip Newbie

          I fixed by myself the issues about including the jar and .dll...
          I had to set the Class-Path: in the ejb.jar manifest.mf, not in the manifest.mf of the ear...

          Now the only thing i need to finish my project, is the tutorial about create a entity bean CMP.

          Thanks again.
          Andrea Consiglio