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    Jboss 4.0.3, Hibernate, Cache - class declaration

    Joe Bruen Newbie

      I am moving an application from standalone Tomcat 5.5.x to JBOSS. In Tomcat, I declare my cached classes[ & collections] in the hibernate.cfg.xml file. for example:

      <class-cache class="com.elasticpath.commons.datatransfer.AddressDTO" usage="read-only"/>

      In JBOSS, it is not clear to me where these declarations go as the hibernate.cfg.xml is not part of the Hibernate Archive strategy. DO I need to explicitly declare them in the hbm.xml files? For example, in AddressDTO.hbm.xml:

      <class lazy="false"
      <cache usage ="read-only"/>

      Or is there some other method within the Hibernate Archive [.HAR]?