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    What BOMs to use when developing applications for EAP 6.3.0

    Nathan Clark Newbie

      I'm attempting to migrate a J2EE application to EAP 6.3.0 and use as much of the native EAP stack as possible, including Hibernate, JMS, JBossWS, the servlet API, and also using most of the Spring framework. I want to arrive at the most compatible set of JAR versions possible, and I'm trying to use Maven to figure that out. There are loads of EAP BOMs listed on Sonatype, including ones that throw in Hibernate, others that throw in Spring or JMS, but I can't seem to access those BOMs from within JBoss Developer Studio 8.1.0, even after specifically adding Maven Central, jboss-ga-repository and jboss-early-access-repository to the m2e Maven Repositories (which writes the settings.xml for the local repository under ~/.m2/).


      I don't want to guess, or engage in messy accounting, when it comes to the correct set of versions for the EAP. Is there a kosher repository I can add that includes the BOMs I need? And which BOMs do I need? One great big uber-BOM that includes all of EAP 6.3.0's dependencies seems like it would be great. But which one is it, by artifact-id and version? Or are there two or three that give me what I need?