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    Unique entity classes mapped to same table



      I have the following scenario:

      * Two distinct entity classes (A and B) are mapped to the same table
      * Each entity class is mapped to distinct columns, except for two: the primary key, and another field that is updated by the database itself when the submit occurs, are both in each entity class

      I have one method that does a find() on an instance of class A and updates it, and another method that does a find() and update on class B.

      Within the same transaction context, I call the method that updates Class A with a given primary key, then I call the other method that updates Class B using the same primary key.

      When there are updates to both entities I get a StaleObjectStateException - is there any way that I can update two entity classes mapped to the same row within the same transaction context?

      I have tried a merge after updating the second bean, but that obviously doesn't work.