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    JBboss Persistence propagation bug


      I have the following scenario:

      * SessionBeanA calls a method in SessionBeanB (both of which are in the same transaction context as both are annotated @REQUIRED)

      * SessionBeanB does a find(EntityClassA, 1) on an entity, and updates some fields

      * SessionBeanA then continues and does a find on the same entity find(EntityClassA, 1), but does not get the updated instance resulting from changes made by SessionBeanB

      I inserted another find after the udpate at the end of SessionBeanB, to prove the entity was cached, as I got back the updated instance. However, when I get back into SessionBeanA, it does not appear that the persistence context is being propagated correctly.

      Shouldn't SessionBeanA get the updated entity instance from SessionBeanB? This appears to be a bug, as I am getting a fresh instance from the database, even though I do a find on the same class and primary key.