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    How to create new persistence unit at run time?

    Avihai Marchiano Novice


      I am working in Jboss.

      I have persistence.xml and in the file i create persistence unit that is mapped to a data source and a schema.

      I want to create in run time a new persistence unit and factory , that is mapped to another data source and schema.

      I need it because i want to create copy of this unit in different schema for each user that register to the system.

      My questions are:
      How can i create new persistence unit at run time?

      How can i save the new persistence unit that i created to the persistence.xml or to another file in order have them in case the server is crashed?

      Can i create a data source that map to a data base url and not mapped to schema and in the persistence unit properties give the schema connection url ?

      Thank you very much