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    EJB Deploynment with JBoss and use of hibernate

    Aneta Gueorguieva Newbie


      ths is ok as I specified the hibernate-dialect correctly. Jboss deployed the application and I have a table "book" in my mysql. Now I still can enter or manipulate data.

      This is my JBoss-Stacktrace:
      16:22:53,535 INFO [Http11BaseProtocol] Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-
      16:22:53,691 INFO [ChannelSocket] JK: ajp13 listening on /
      16:22:53,707 INFO [JkMain] Jk running ID=0 time=0/47 config=null
      16:22:53,785 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [4.0.5.GA (build: CVSTag=Bran
      ch_4_0 date=200610162339)] Started in 35s:531ms
      16:23:04,379 INFO [Ejb3Deployment] EJB3 deployment time took: 656
      16:23:04,379 INFO [JmxKernelAbstraction] installing MBean: persistence.units:ja
      r=FirstEJB3Tutorial.jar,unitName=FirstEjb3Tutorial with dependencies:
      16:23:04,379 INFO [JmxKernelAbstraction] jboss.jca:name=ejb3ExampleDS,ser
      16:23:04,441 INFO [Version] Hibernate EntityManager 3.2.0.CR2
      16:23:04,457 INFO [Version] Hibernate Annotations 3.2.0.CR2
      16:23:04,473 INFO [Environment] Hibernate 3.2.0.ga
      16:23:04,488 INFO [Environment] hibernate.properties not found
      16:23:04,488 INFO [Environment] Bytecode provider name : javassist
      16:23:04,488 INFO [Environment] using JDK 1.4 java.sql.Timestamp handling
      16:23:04,660 INFO [Ejb3Configuration] found EJB3 Entity bean: de.laliluna.libra
      16:23:04,660 WARN [Ejb3Configuration] Persistence provider caller does not impl
      ements the EJB3 spec correctly. PersistenceUnitInfo.getNewTempClassLoader() is n
      16:23:04,754 INFO [Configuration] Reading mappings from resource: META-INF/orm.
      16:23:04,769 INFO [Ejb3Configuration] [PersistenceUnit: FirstEjb3Tutorial] no M
      ETA-INF/orm.xml found
      16:23:04,848 INFO [AnnotationBinder] Binding entity from annotated class: de.la
      16:23:04,926 INFO [EntityBinder] Bind entity de.laliluna.library.Book on table
      16:23:05,191 INFO [ConnectionProviderFactory] Initializing connection provider:
      16:23:05,207 INFO [InjectedDataSourceConnectionProvider] Using provided datasou
      16:23:05,519 INFO [SettingsFactory] RDBMS: MySQL, version: 4.1.18-nt
      16:23:05,519 INFO [SettingsFactory] JDBC driver: MySQL-AB JDBC Driver, version:
      mysql-connector-java-5.0.6 ( $Date: 2007-03-09 22:13:57 +0100 (Fri, 09 Mar 2007
      ) $, $Revision: 6341 $ )
      16:23:05,551 INFO [Dialect] Using dialect: org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect
      16:23:05,551 INFO [TransactionFactoryFactory] Transaction strategy: org.hiberna
      16:23:05,551 INFO [TransactionManagerLookupFactory] instantiating TransactionMa
      nagerLookup: org.hibernate.transaction.JBossTransactionManagerLookup
      16:23:05,566 INFO [TransactionManagerLookupFactory] instantiated TransactionMan
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Automatic flush during beforeCompletion():
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Automatic session close at end of transacti
      on: disabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] JDBC batch size: 15
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] JDBC batch updates for versioned data: disa
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Scrollable result sets: enabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] JDBC3 getGeneratedKeys(): enabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Connection release mode: auto
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Maximum outer join fetch depth: 2
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Default batch fetch size: 1
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Generate SQL with comments: disabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Order SQL updates by primary key: disabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Query translator: org.hibernate.hql.ast.AST
      16:23:05,566 INFO [ASTQueryTranslatorFactory] Using ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Query language substitutions: {}
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] JPA-QL strict compliance: enabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Second-level cache: enabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Query cache: disabled
      16:23:05,566 INFO [SettingsFactory] Cache provider: org.hibernate.cache.Hashtab
      16:23:05,582 INFO [SettingsFactory] Optimize cache for minimal puts: disabled
      16:23:05,582 INFO [SettingsFactory] Structured second-level cache entries: disa
      16:23:05,582 INFO [SettingsFactory] Statistics: disabled
      16:23:05,582 INFO [SettingsFactory] Deleted entity synthetic identifier rollbac
      k: disabled
      16:23:05,582 INFO [SettingsFactory] Default entity-mode: pojo
      16:23:05,644 INFO [SessionFactoryImpl] building session factory
      16:23:06,332 INFO [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] Not binding factory to JNDI, no
      JNDI name configured
      16:23:06,348 INFO [SchemaExport] Running hbm2ddl schema export
      16:23:06,348 INFO [SchemaExport] exporting generated schema to database
      16:23:06,379 WARN [JDBCExceptionReporter] SQL Warning: 1051, SQLState: 42S02
      16:23:06,379 WARN [JDBCExceptionReporter] Unknown table 'book'
      16:23:06,441 WARN [JDBCExceptionReporter] SQL Warning: 1051, SQLState: 42S02
      16:23:06,441 WARN [JDBCExceptionReporter] Unknown table 'book'

      16:23:06,441 INFO [SchemaExport] schema export complete
      16:23:06,473 INFO [NamingHelper] JNDI InitialContext properties:{java.naming.fa
      ctory.initial=org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory, java.naming.factory.url.p
      16:23:06,535 INFO [JmxKernelAbstraction] installing MBean: jboss.j2ee:jar=First
      EJB3Tutorial.jar,name=BookTestBean,service=EJB3 with dependencies:
      16:23:06,535 INFO [JmxKernelAbstraction] persistence.units:jar=FirstEJB3T
      16:23:06,941 INFO [EJBContainer] STARTED EJB: de.laliluna.library.BookTestBean
      ejbName: BookTestBean
      16:23:07,051 INFO [EJB3Deployer] Deployed: file:/C:/Programme/JBoss/jboss-4.0.5

      Why is book unknown as it exists in mysql?