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    JBoss IDE for developing Hibernate related project--some opt

    divya chamarti Newbie

      Hi All and thanks in advance
      I hace a problem while developing an application using hibernate with POJO class using JBoss IDE
      for creating mapping file i did not get an option File-->New-->Other-->Hibernate-->Hibernate mapping file OR File-->New-->Other-->Hibernate-->Hibernate Artifact Generation
      so , how to create mapping file? can any body help me out for this problem
      like is there any other option to create mapping file?

      I am using JBoss IDE 1.5 and i am getting the options as below :
      File-->New-->Other-->Select a wizard-->Hibernate-->
      Hibernate Configauration file(cfg.xml)
      Hibernate Console Configauration
      Configauration Reverse Engineering File(reveng.xml)

      so , using these option how to create a mapping file?

      Thanks In Advance