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    Mapping @Enumerated to Numeric Values

    jfrankman Novice


      I have a column in a Table with values 1-9. Each value is a code that represents a certain value i.e.

      2=Semi Annual

      I want to map this column to an Enumeration. I have created the following Enumeration:

      public enum TypePayment

      In my class I have mapped a column to this enumeration as follows:

       @Column(name = "TYPEPAYMENT")
       public TypePayment getTypePayment() {
       return typePayment;

      The problem is any value beginning with a number is not allowed as an enumerated value. So I get a compile error in my enumeration. I can change the enumeration to contain something like A, B, C instead of 1,2,3 but I am working against legacy data and cannot easily change the data values contained in the table from numbers to letters.

      So my question is, how can I map an enumeration to a table column where the values contained in the column will be digits 0-9?

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          jfrankman Novice

          I found a partial solution. If I do the following:

          1.change the column from varchar to integer in the DB table.
          2. Change the EnumType to ORDINAL

          @Column(name = "TYPEPAYMENT")
           public TypePayment getTypePayment() {
           return typePayment;

          Then I can get it to work. This works except there is a gap in the values. Allowed values are 1-7 and 9. Zero and Eight are excluded. But since the ordinal begins with zero there is not a way for me to handle this unless I put a dummy enumerated values in positions 0 and 8 in my enumeration.

          public enum TypePayment
          SEMI("Semi-Annual ($4 Fee)"),
          FOUR_PAY("4-Pay ($12 Fee)"),
          QUARTERLY("Quarterly ($12 Fee)"),
          TWELVE_PAY("12-Pay (No Fee)"),
          DEFERRED("Deferred ($7 Fee)"),

          The problem with the above solution is that I will have to exclude ordinals 0 and 8 in my application by makeing them not appear in drop down boxes, etc. I wish there was a way I could map and enumeration to numeric values using the EnumType(STRING).

          Any ideas are appreciated.