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    Backup & Migrating Data

    Toni Beckman Novice


      I have a set of entity beans, which change onces in a while. For example, maybe a new persitent field gets added to one of the entiy beans.

      Because the system in going to be in production, I need a way to backup all the user data and restore it after the database structure has changed slightly.

      In other words: I need a way to migrate from one data model to a new one. However, there are no big changes. Usually one or two fields get added.

      Which solution does JBoss and Hibernate provide for managing this kind of work procedure? Are there any tools for this?

      I appreciate any advice on handling situation like this: Being in production and still making changes to the data model, while not loosing current data.

      BTW: I'm using seam as an application framework - so that's how I define the data structure of the database.