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    Loop <rich:tab> using c:forEach issues

    kk n Newbie



      below code used to work with richfaces 3. This is not working with richfaces 4







             <c:forEach items="#{handlerBean.personsList}" var="person" varStatus="personStatus">

                  <c:set var="personId" value="#{person.person.personId}" scope="request" />







                       <ui:include src="PersonGrid.xhtml">

                            <ui:param name="handlerBean" value="#{handlerBean}" />

                            <ui:param name="person" value="#{person}" />

                            <ui:param name="heightSeparator" value="#{heightSeparator}" />

                            <ui:param name="LastPerson" value="#{LastPerson}" />

                            <ui:param name="index" value="${personStatus.index}" />






      I have a rich tabPanel and I use forEach in my jsf app to iterate over the list of people. Tabs load fine for every person with correct data. But while saving the data, none of the value reach to backing bean and none of the setter are invoked. I tried using t dataList (tomahawk dataList) but with that the tabls are not even rendering. I am not sure what is the compatibility issue with richfaces and tomahawk tags. They used to work very well together before


      Tried using rich:dataTable but still none of the tabs are rendering.


      Can anyone please help me with any alternate solutions? Thanks!