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    Problem with RBAC

    Nicolas Maire Newbie



      I've been tasked by my boss with deploying a Wildfly 9 cluster, I had no issue with initial deployment but whenever I try to enable RBAC the management interface suddenly acts as if I'm trying to access a remote domain controler, which of course I'm not, and when I try to add a management interface I have the following error even though my URL is indeed in the allowed origins (I just erased the URL as it is a private server) :


      I'm a bit lost here, can anyone help ?


      Thx, Nicolas

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          The management console is written using GWT, this means it is effectively a Javascript application running in the web browser subsequently talking to the server - the unable to connect message you are referring to here is between the web browser and the server being managed.


          Before this message are you getting a prompt to authenticate or were you already authenticated in the web browser before enabling access control?


          As you say the only change you have made is to enable access control I would suggest starting by checking that your user is actually mapped to one of the relevant roles.

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            Nicolas Maire Newbie

            I knew it would be some stupid thing I forgot to do, even though it says so in the big red square in the documentation


            Problem solved after mapping my admin user to the SuperUser role.


            Thanks Darran.