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    How to use the JGroups transport defined in the JGroups subsystem in standalone-ha.xml

    Michal Karm Babacek Apprentice

      Dear Infinispan fellows,

      I would like to define my own caches programatically in my deployment at runtime of my EE application.

      i.e. instead of:

      .transport().addProperty("configurationFile", "my-jgroups-tcp.xml")

      I would like to, somehow, use the transport defined in JGroups Wildfly 10 subsystem in standalone-ha.xml. I imagine I could reference it probably by a particular channel name, e.g.

      .transport().addProperty("channelProvidedByWildFlyJGroups", "myChannel")


      The reason for this setup is that I need both the caches defined by default in Wildfly application server within its own Infinispan subsystem and at the same time, I need my own caches, specific to my deployment where I would like to play with Search and indexing.

      I don't want to define another, new, JGroups transport in my deployment -- it would be configuration duplication and I would need twice the network properties so as to allow two independent JGroups transports to coexist,


      Note that it is not possible to enable indexing and search on caches defined in the default WIldfly 10 Infinispan subsystem -- and it is by design: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-5539


      Could you recommend me how to proceed? Is it possible to fetch the WildFly JGroups transport and inject it into my default cache manager in my deployment?