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    XA connections to oracle RAC 10g

    Scott Russell Newbie

      I have been researching how to connect jboss to a two node oracle rac 10gr2. My understanding to date is that load balancing is not possible using XA datasources with oracle RAC 10g.
      In the weblogic arena, this is possible using multipools, but I do not see any similar feature for jboss?. (4.0.4GA in use currently).

      This all leads me to conclude that loadbalanced XA transactions are not supported in jboss with an oracle rac backend. Could anyone shed any light on this conclusion Agree/Disagree?

      Also from the wiki http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SetUpAOracleDatasource, I found this jdbc connection string for connection to an oracle rac.

      I believe that the "load_balance=on" needs to be set to "load_balance=off", since this is not supported.

      Also, the failover mechanism is not automatic. The service on the oracle rac is in fact a "singleton service"(ref: "BEST PRACTICES FOR USING XA WITH RAC, available from oracle's web site). Meaning that it cannot failover by itself. You will manually need to move this singleton service (eg.from node A to node B) using the svrctl command.

      Does anyone have any knowledge of doing this, or wish to post any comments?