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    Wildfly domain and separate deploy

    Danilo Danilo Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a wildfly domain configured (with two application servers). In this moment if I run the deploy of a war in a server group and it will deploy in both server (master and slave). In this way the application will have a down time (the time of the deploy). I would like to deploy the war in a server and keep the other application up in the another server. Once that the deploy is finished I would deploy on the another server, redirect the traffic in the other server already deployed.

      In this way the downtime is zero.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank a lot

      Best Regards

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          Jay SenSharma Master

          Seems that you are looking out for "rollout" plan based deployment feature.

          Know more about this "rollout" and "rolling-to-servers=true" :      Management API reference - WildFly 9 - Project Documentation Editor    (Operations with a Rollout Plan)


          Create a rollout plan

          deploy ProdApp.war --name=ProdApp.war --runtime-name=ProdApp.war --server-groups=ha-server-group --headers={rollout ha-server-group(rolling-to-servers=true)}

          Apply the rollout plan to all to all the server-groups

          deploy /NotBackedUp/PREVIOUS/ALLWAR/ProdApp.war --name=ProdApp.war --runtime-name=ProdApp.war --server-groups=main-server-group,other-server-group --headers={rollout main-server-group(rolling-to-servers=true),other-server-group(rolling-to-servers=true)}