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    Wildfly8.2 can't support SLT1.2 loading css,js, image file

    Sky xiong Newbie

      use wildfly8.2 set SSL access , can't load css file. if enable TLSv1.2 ,The Chrome use TLS1.2 AES_128_GCM open website , All the css and js file can't loading. even if using style //www.xxx.com/css/app.cs also not. But found the little image(<80kb) file to load.


      if desable TLSv1.2 ,The Chrome use TLS1.1 AES_128_CBC open website is normal.

      I question is how to set wildfly8.2+JDK1.8 use TLS1.2 AES_128_GCM can load all css,js and big iamge files.