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    Broker XML configuration

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      I'm having trouble assigning an XML configuration  to a broker in Fuse 6.2. I'm performing these steps (from a clean install)


      # Create Fabric Ensemble

      fabric:create --clean --force --zookeeper-password admin root

      container-create-child root my-container 2

      profile-create --parent mq-base my-base-profile


      config:edit io.fabric8.mq.fabric.server-my-broker-config

      config:propset config ${karaf.base}/etc/my-broker-configuration-template.xml   #This is a copy of the \etc\activeq.xml in which I'm changing the <Transport> sections.

      config:propset data ${karaf.data}/mybroker

      config:propset broker-name my-broker

      config:propset openwire-port 61613



      # Create MQ broker.

      fabric:mq-create --minimumInstances  2 --profile  my-base-profile  --assign-container my-container,my-container2 --group my-broker-group --config "io.fabric8.mq.fabric.server-my-broker-config" my-brokerino


      # And the final result

      JBossFuse:admin@root> profile-display  my-base-profile

      Profile id: my-base-profile

      Version   : 1.0


              parents: mq-base

      Containers: my-container my-container2


      Container settings



      Configuration details


      PID: io.fabric8.mq.fabric.server-my-brokerino

        connectors openwire mqtt amqp stomp

        data ${runtime.data}my-brokerino

        standby.pool default

        keystore.file profile:keystore.jks

        kind MasterSlave

        keystore.password hARTZ_tl

        broker-name my-brokerino

        ssl true

        truststore.password hARTZ_tl

        minimumInstances 2

        keystore.cn my-broker-group

        truststore.file profile:truststore.jks

        config profile:io.fabric8.mq.fabric.server-my-broker-config

        group my-broker-group




      1) The tutorials and various documentations mention a fabric:import -t <configuration template>. This command does not exist in Fuse 6.2. Is it necessary?

      2) That --config argument on fabric:mq-create doesn't appear to be working at all. What's the proper synthax?

      Sorry for these questions being so stupid. I can't make heads or tails of the mess that is the documentation.

      I'm using Fuse 6.2. Any help weould be greatly appreciated!

      thank you!

      PS: I also followed the instructions on chapter 10 on this Fuse's 6.2 document: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_JBoss_Fuse/6.2/pdf/Configuring_and_Running_JBoss_Fuse/Red_Hat_JBos…

      but it appears to be missing something on page 52 after config:update. There should be a way to associated a new configuration  to an existing broker.