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    How to Configure .properties file in JBOSS 6

    Malik Ehtasham Newbie

      I am newbie to JBoss , mostly i worked on Apache Tomcat, this is first time i have started working on JBOSS.
      Actually i am working on Diameter Server Simulation and the tutorial which i am following uses JBOSS, and some of its configuration.
      Till now i have downloaded the JBOSS and install the war file as Instructed in the tutorial.
      Here is one tutorial snippet.
      " Drop the downloaded war file into your jboss_home/server/default/deploy directory "


      I have dropped the war file inside the deploy directory.

      Now they have some properties files which they want to configure, but i am not getting where and how to configure these properties file.

      Here is what tutorial say.


      complete link to tutorial is http://www.mobicents.org/diameter_event_charging.html

      Now i have downloaded the properties file.  Now first i have to place the file in that location "jboss_home/server/default/conf/dars"  but i didn't find any dars directory inside the conf folder. So what i did i have created a new dars directory inside the conf folder and place the properties file inside it, as explain in the tutorial.

      Now i have to configure this properties file inside some server.xml, but according to tutorial i didn't find this path location "jboss_home/server/default/deploy/jboss-web.deployer/server.xml"

      So can some one please help me where to find this path and how to configure this file inside the xml.

      So that i can run my JBOSS container.

      Any help is really appreciated.