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    How to configure generated wsdl url from EBWS(Endpoint Web Service) (4.12)?


      Hello. I am in process of upgrading my existing JBoss ESB installation

      from 4.5 to 4.12. Once I deployed my .esb modules EBWS(Endpoint Web Service) to 4.12, I noticed the wsdl URL now is slightly different. Specifically, now 'ebws' is included.




      Jboss version: 4.5

      JBoss version: 4.12


      The following depicts the wsdl URLs:


      Earlier: (4.5)



      Now:    (4.12)





      Is there a configuration property in JBoss ESB 4.12 that would

      allow me maintain the existing URL of 4.5 so 'ebws' is not included.


      Please advise.


      Thank you in advance.