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    Clustered JBPM deployment timer based processes are not triggering at all.


      Hi Guys


      I have been able to deploy the jboss7.1.1. , kie console 6.2.0.Final on two node cluster , with Quartz configured as directed in the blog by Kris. 

      I have deployed the uploaded the kjar and deployed it using the kie workbench. I can see process definitions but none of the process getting triggered which are timer based.

      Secondly one process is form based but that also failing .by saying the processid is not known.


      I have attached the log , no visible errors


      If any one have any idea please let me know .


      I have individually deployed on each node , as I have not yet configured the Apache Zoo Keeper and Helix though.



      Sanjay Gautam


      att log file.