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    Web services isue with .Net: cxf or Metro

    John Whitley Newbie

      I'm developing a web services client which has to talk to a .Net server over which I have no control.


      My stand alone test used Metro , which, apart from an issue with adding <ContextId> to the header, handled the calls I have to make.


      On putting it into Wildfly (both 9.0 and 10.CR4) which uses CXF, I found it unable to handle a line of this form in the inbound xml:


      <b:Key xmlns:c="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/" i:type="c:guid">205943ce-4046-42ae-b69b-3f69fe1e883c</b:Key>


      Apart from being handled by Metro, the standard Java runtime (1.8.0_65) also coped.


      I have 'resolved' this by adding a logical message handler and converting the line to use a string type i.e.


      <b:Key xmlns:c="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" i:type="c:string">205943ce-4046-42ae-b69b-3f69fe1e883c</b:Key>


      This may have performance issues later so I have two questions:


      a) Can I make CXF handle the original line?


      b) Alternatively, how easy is it to use metro for this deployment? Not wishing to disturb things more than I have to.


      John Whitley