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    Should I use EAP or FUSE?


      I have a need to create a new web service as well as a need to consume a web service.  It appears I could use EAP or FUSE (if I'm understanding correctly).  First, is that true and if so, why would I use one over the other?  thx.

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          You can create new web services  deploy them and consume from other webservices in Both "Fuse" as well as in "EAP".


          However few things to note here that Fuse has some differences from EAP which you need to consider before choosing between EAP and Fuse:

          • Fuse does not use Java or Java Enterprise Edition
          • Fuse does not utilize the JBoss Enterprise Application Server Platform (EAP).
          • Fuse uses OSGi in the development of other components in your infrastructure
          • Fuse uses the Apache Karaf container for other components in your infrastructure.
          • Design-time or runtime service governance is not a major factor in your choice of an integration platform.


          Similarly there are few things different in EAP:

          • EAP is specialized for Java™ EE 6 development and JEE developments.
          • With EAP users will have full access to JEE components such as persistence and the injection framework.
          • EAP provides features/facilities for  other components like EJB Container, MDBs, JSF, Persistence, JMS ...etc. Also the administration tasks such as deployment, clustering, high availability.
          • EAP is looking for a robust design-time and runtime service governance platform.



          However if you are really planning to focus more on the SOA part including Web Services, routing, transformation of messages..etc  then you should think of "Fuse Service Works", (FSW) JBoss Fuse Service Works is Red Hat’s middleware solution for application integration, messaging, SOA, and service governance requirements. It combines the core ESB technology from JBoss Fuse and technical innovations from popular open source communities like SwitchYard and Overlord.

          JBoss Fuse Service Works is the next version of Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform with additional capabilities.  FSW uses EAP as underlying container.

          FSW Intro:  JBoss Fuse Service Works - Overview

          The above link will also help you in finding : JBoss Fuse or JBoss Fuse Service Works?

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            Great explanation - thank you


            Update: the link you mentioned no longer works - however I found this.

            Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works Overview - Red Hat Customer Portal


            And in doing so also learned this:

            Attention v. 6.2.1 customers: Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works and Red Hat JBoss Fuse have been merged into a single product, known as Red Hat JBoss Fuse. With the merger, you now have consistent integration technology that can be deployed on your container of choice, OSGI based Apache Karaf or Java EE based JBoss EAP. Learn more about how the merger impacts you and your work.