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    How to use PicketLink with RedHat DS (389-ds server) with no entryUUID support?

    Stepan Severin Newbie

      Currently truing to make my configuration work with Redhat DS(389-server ds) and seems like there is no support for RFC 4530 entryUUID.

      Is it so? At least from 389 I can't find such attribute. Is there some plugin for the server available witch can do the trick?

      Or is there known workaround? I think there was some bug about this, but It's not clear where is it no? At least entryUUID is missed from schema on 389-server.

      How one can make Redhat DS (389-server) working with PicketLink's entryUUID? #137 (No support for RFC 4530 entryUUID attribute) – 389 Project