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    Issue with WildFly 9 vs. JBoss EAP 6.4

    Joseph Hance Newbie

      I've got an interesting problem that has stumped me.  We're working on a project to upgrade an old application from JBoss 4 to a current version.  I had recommended WildFly 9 as being the most current and we tried that and failed.  With some minor changes from the currently running JBoss 4 application we got it working on JBoss EAP 6.4 using JDK 7.  But the application will not work right on WildFly so I'm looking for suggestions.


      There are actually two applications, one that exports a web service which connects to the other one that makes a remote function call to SAP.  The only thing different between the two environments (WildFly vs. EAP) is this log entry:


      2015-11-06 11:16:35,678 ERROR [GFADWSClient] processMessage - 2/3.0 Failed calling Web Service, retry: 0, max: 2, exception: java.lang.Exception: Error processing response message, exception: java.lang.Exception: Error with response message, return code: 307

      2015-11-06 11:16:35,678 INFO  [NonceClientEHCacheImpl] cache [NonceClientCache] size: 5

      2015-11-06 11:16:35,681 INFO  [HttpMethodBase] Redirect requested but followRedirects is disabled

      2015-11-06 11:16:35,681 ERROR [stderr] java.lang.Exception: Error with response message, return code: 307


      No errors or info in this place on JBoss EAP.  I'm baffled by the redirect message as it's not doing that but even enabling redirects in the code doesn't resolve this.


      Thanks for any tips that might solve this puzzle.