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    clustered bpm, new project created, repo get synced but dont see process diagram in both servers


      HI Guys ,


      I have following config



      1. Clustered jbpmn on two servers
      2. jbpmn 6.2.0.final , Jboss As7.1.1 , zookeeper , Helix.
      3. two server node.

      Use Case

      1. Successfully deployed the jbpmn-console war.
      2. open the two consoles in two different browser for respective nodes.
      3. In one Browser create a repo, orgs , and a simple Jbpm Project with single Business Process flow in it.
      4. I see the git repo in file system gets created and synced in both the nodes refer the screenshots below.
      5. I see the project in the node where i created
      6. I dont see any thing in the other node where I didnt created the project.
      My Question


      What is the correct behaviour, I expect the Orgs , Repo , and New Project created in both the nodes.


      Screen shots.






      Please find here with the logs as well from both the systems


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.



      Sanjay Gautam