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    how to deploy axis2 in jboss7 deployment folder

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      I am newly to JBOSS and AXIS2. As I working on i2b2 platform, on of the steps of i2b2 installation is using axis2 in jboss deployment. The steps are not clear in the guide: 2.4.4 Apache Axis2 - Developers Getting Started With i2b2 - i2b2 Wiki.


      1. Download the WAR distribution for Apache Axis 2 by clicking on Begin Download

      2. Locate the file (axis2-1.6.2-war.zip) you just downloaded.

      3. Extract all the items in the zip file into a directory of your choice.

      Linux Example:  /opt/axis2-1.6.2-war

      Windows Example:  C:\opt\axis2-1.6.2-war


      4. Go to your JBoss deployments folder (YOUR_JBOSS_HOME_DIR\standalone\deployments)

      5. Create a folder called i2b2.war

      6. Create an empty text file called i2b2.war.dodeploy

      7. Locate the axis2-1.6.2-war.zip file you downloaded

      8. Extract only the file called axis2.war to your JBoss deployments folder

      9. Once the file is extracted rename the axis2.war file to axis2.zip.

      10. Extract all the files in axis2.zip to the i2b2.war folder you created in the first step (YOUR_JBOSS_HOME_DIR\standalone\deployments\i2b2.war)

      11. Delete the zip file (axis2.zip).

      12. i2b2.war will be deployed the next time you start JBoss.



      So, i want clear steps about this process.


      Also as mentioned in the guide: Recommended Ports - Developers Getting Started With i2b2 - i2b2 Wiki, default port of jboss is 9090. When i access: http://localhost:9090/, I see Welcome to AS 7 page.


      I am using JBOSS 7, AXIS2 v1.6.2, Win 7.



      Finally, when i start my computer and start jboss from cmd (standalone.bat), it shows that port is in use. So, I shut down jboss (jboss-cli.bat --connect --command=:shutdown ) then start it again and it works without errors. Is this step write?


      Waiting for response. Thanks a lot.