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    richfaces autocomplete getting the selected row on key enter

    Klaus Renner Newbie

      I am using richfaces 4.5.9.final. I use a composite primary key on my objects, as e.g. carVendor, carTyp, carYear.

      I want to show the CarVendor in an autocomplete field with a table layout. The fields carTyp, carYear are shown in seperate input fields. After entering 3 characters the list of cars are shown. The user select one and the carVendor are shown in the autocomplete field.

      With help of the onselectitem, I do an ajax request and I want to fill out the fields for carTyp, - year. I get the the complete primary key of the selection , when the user do a mouse click by surounding the row of the tabel by a span element and using a data_uuid attribute.

      My question is now , how to get the keyPressed event for key enter or the selected row when enter is pressed, in order to find my uuid attribute.

      I never got an event for onlistkeypress nor for the enter key in onkeypress.

      Please give me some hint, how to solve this.

      Best regards