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    Configuring MDB to connect to IBM MQ in JBoss EAP6.1

    ssroy73 Newbie



      I am trying to configure MDB bundled in WAR to connect to IBM MQ.


      I am using @ActivationConfigProperty and trying to define values as a system property. But this is not working.


      After looking at the documentation, I found that I have to define like below in standalong-full.xml. But that does not make any sense to me as I am adding application properties into JBoss. If I reinstall JBoss, I have to also remember to add these stuff.




      wm q.jm sra-VERSION.rar




      <connection-definition classname="com.ibm.mq.connector.outbound.ManagedConnectionFactoryImpl" jndi-name="java:jboss/MQ.CONNECTIONFACTORY.NAME"

      pool-nam e="MQ.CONNECTIONFACTORY



      Can anyone please advice any alternate approach.


      Thanks in advance and appreciate your help.


      Best Regards - Roy