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    Fetch Type Eager But Objets not retrieved

    Andrés Gorzelany Newbie

      Hi All guys

      I hope this is not so newbie question, I was an EJB2 developer in the past, and I made the switch to EJB3 with Hibernate, I have an entity defined like this:

      public class User implements Serializable {
       private Long id;
       private String full_name;
       private String username;
       private Level level;
       public Level getLevel() {
       return level;
       public void setLevel(Level level) {
       this.level = level;

      "Level" is another entity, and a table One to One relation at Database.

      The problem is that when I retrieve one "User" from the DB the "level" object is not being populated (it is null), even that I set the Fetch Type to Eager.

      What am I missing?