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    Modify message body in HornetQ transformer?

    Matthew Karlsen Newbie



      Modifying message properties in a transformer is fairly straight forward, and an example transformer is supplied.


      However, I would like to modify a message body but am unsure how to get/set text from/for a org.hornetq.core.server.ServerMessage ...


      Based on my current searches/reading of documentation the most promising approach seems to be SimpleString messageContents = message.getBodyBuffer().readNullableSimpleString(); (and the reverse).

      However, when I do messageContents.toString(), I just get back




      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can proceed or know of useful documentation for this issue?


      I'm hoping it's something relatively simple. However, I'm pretty puzzled at present.


      Thanks & regards,


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          Matthew Karlsen Newbie

          OK. I have sort of worked it out, in case it is useful for others.


          I used Qpid Proton to set the message body, so the body is a string in an AmqpValue object -- it is that object that I got back when I called readNullableSimpleString();


          The following code retrieves the bytes and presents them in a readable format:


          byte[] amqpValue = new byte[message.getBodyBuffer().readableBytes()];

          message.getBodyBuffer().getBytes(0, amqpValue);


          String byteString = null;



              byteString = new String(amqpValue, "UTF-8");


          catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e)





          logger.info("amqpValue: " + byteString);


          So, now it is a simple case of getting/converting the right bytes.


          The issue of setting the message body back after modification remains...


          Thanks & regards,