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    script error with rich:select

    Corneil du Plessis Newbie

      I have a rich:select on a page and receive the following after autocompleteMethod returns a few options.


      TypeError: this.popupList is null


      Line 422


      This prevents all future ajax requests and found the following in richfaces logs.


      RichFaces: Last queue entry is not the last anymore. Stopping requestDelay timer and marking entry as ready for submission

      RichFaces: richfaces.queue: Waiting for previous submit results

      I tried List<String> and List<SelectItem> as results of autocompleteMethod. Because in those cases the popup would not appear and no errors would be logged on console.

      Then I changed the result to my DTO class and used var, itemValue, itemLabel to determine what is displayed.

      In this case the front end script gives the error listed above.

      The documentation is not clear on what the expected return type of autocompleteMethod should be for a rich:select. In the case of rich:autocomplete is seems List<String> is sufficient.

      I would appreciate some advice on this.